Best Golf Clubs For Seniors for 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s be honest; golf isn’t an easy sport and getting older doesn’t help it become any easier. This issue will only become more problematic as you start reaching your retirement years. It’s just the way aging tends to work.

But with the right set of golf clubs, you can still possess a solid golf game well into your later years. The only issue is there are some many options available on today’s market that searching for the best golf clubs for seniors can become frustrating.

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

As a result, I thought an in-depth buying guide about these products could help ease the thoughts of potential consumers. In doing so, I’ll cover all the relevant topics about golf clubs that’ll ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

After all, these products can get rather expensive and purchasing the wrong ones could be disastrous to your bank account. With this in mind, I’ll even point you towards ten sets of golf clubs that I think are the best on the market for senior golfers.

It’ll hopefully ensure you don’t end up buying the wrong clubs and wasting your money. So please, keep reading and let me help you find the perfect set of golf clubs while making this entire process as stress-free as possible.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors Reviews of 2019

As promised in the previous section, this part of the article will discuss ten sets of golf clubs that I found to be the best on the entire market. From these discussions, I hope you start to understand what’s the difference between a high-quality set of clubs and a low-quality one.

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Our first product comes from a company you’ll see multiple times on our list, Callaway. This particular set of clubs has various features that would benefit any senior looking to keep his golf game at a high level.

For one, I like that the lightweight 460cc forged driver has a large sweet spot, which will vastly help the accuracy of your shots. With a driver like this one, it’d be rather unlikely you continue slicing your ball into woods.

In other words, this driver offers bit more forgiveness than your typical golf club and should help you hit the ball further off the tee. But this club isn’t the only beneficial aspect this set of clubs offers.

This set also has an oversized 3-wood that has a more aerodynamic head design, which should help you hit higher, longer shots. And the putter within this set is mallet shaped, which will offer more forgiveness and accuracy.

Outside of the clubs themselves, I like that this set comes with a lightweight bag, which will make carrying it around a much more manageable experience. It also comes equipped with a stand providing even more convenience for the golfer using it.

The additions of the two head covers was a nice touch by Callaway as well. They’ll offer some protection for clubs in the event I accidentally drop the bag when carrying it. Trust me; the likelihood of this happening is incredibly high.

However, one thing I didn’t like about this particular set of clubs is some customers complained about the driver’s head having durability concerns regarding cracks. As a potential buyer, this issue isn’t something you like to see during your research.
What We Like
  • Includes nine clubs
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in both left and right-handed sets
  • Comes with a lightweight bag
  • Two headcovers
What We Don’t Like
  • Durability issues
Overall, this set of golf clubs from Callaway represents a solid option for seniors; however, if you do end up buying them, I’d recommend being extra careful when using the driver. The durability concerns about this club were frequent enough that it seems to be a genuine issue.

2. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The second Callaway golf club set on our list is the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. And there are several qualities about this collection of clubs that make it a potential appealing purchase for senior golfers.

Like the previous set, this one has a driver with a 460cc titanium head, which will provide you with a large sweet spot. This more significant sweet spot will offer you a bit more forgiveness that’s essential for mediocre golfers like myself: the 3-wood and 5-wood have this aspect as well.

I should also mention that this set includes a sand wedge, which is a rarity in senior/beginner club sets. And it’s inclusion is a nice extra benefit because you never know when you might need one to get out of a tricky bunker.

Callaway also included five headcovers, which offer your clubs a bit more protection and help keep them in pristine shape. It’s little additions like this one that makes Callaway a brand, which seems to stand out a bit more than their competitors.

Along the same lines, they also saw it fit to ensure the included bag was extremely lightweight in its design; therefore, carrying it from place to place shouldn’t be an issue for a senior golfer.And it all comes at a relative low-price for an 18 piece set.

But you should be aware that there were some complaints about the bag regarding its durability.

It seems that it has a proclivity to tear or come apart rather quickly — just something to think about before you make your final decision.
What We Like
  • Constructed to provide more forgiveness
  • Stylish design
  • Includes a sand wedge, which is rare
  • Affordable 18 piece set
  • Ultra-light stand bag
What We Don’t Like
  • The bag isn’t the best quality
If the only complaint about this set of clubs is about the bag, I think it’s fair to say this collection belongs near the top of any senior’s list. It has everything a senior could ever need to keep their golf game in solid shape for many years.

3. Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Senior Full Set

The Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Senior Full Set is the next collection of clubs on our list, and they don’t fail to impress. This set features numerous aspects that would make senior golfer’s time on the golf course much easier.

For instance, the drive, hybrid, and fairway woods within this set all have oversized club heads, which ensure the ball gets hit higher and straighter. These club heads will also provide you with the most forgiveness possible.

I also like that the woods and irons have lightweight senior flex shafts, which will offer you more flexibility and clubhead speed than a regular flex shaft. As a result, you won’t have to put extra effort into your swing and won’t end up pulling your back.

You can take comfort in the durable of each club as well as they’re all comprised of stainless steel construction, which promises peak levels of durability. Given this information, you should expect these clubs to be in your life for a long time.

This collection of clubs also comes with a high-quality cart bag, which will make carrying your clubs around simple and easy. The bag even comes with a rain cover that’ll protect your clubs from any potential issues with water damage.

The only complaint I saw about this product was concerning the bag as it isn’t a stand bag, which lowers the level of convenience it might offer you. Honestly, if this flaw is the only a product has, I’m reasonably confident we’d all sign up for that outcome.
What We Like
  • Offers more forgiveness thanks to oversized club heads
  • Woods and irons have lightweight senior flex shafts
  • Includes a high-quality cart bag with a rain cover
  • Clubs have a durable stainless steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • The bag isn’t a stand bag
Given this set’s high-quality features and low amount of flaws, it’s quite apparent that this collection should warrant serious consideration from any senior looking for new clubs. In fact, these might be the best senior clubs on the entire market.

4. Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

If you’re looking for a bargain buy, the Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set would be the collection of clubs you should purchase. This set is easily the most cost-effective option on this entire list as it doesn’t sacrifice performance even with its affordability.

You see it still offers high-quality features that any senior golfer would find useful in improving their play. For example, I love the grips on these clubs as they’re incredibly comfortable to use and offer a great feel.

I also love the fact this set eliminates the need to use difficult long irons as it includes a high-quality 4-hybrid that’ll get the job done when needed. This particular club has a rather large head, light design, which demonstrates its use to a senior golfer.

The bag that comes with the set is often positively mentioned in the customer reviews as offering a certain level of convenience. It seems it has an oddly large amount of storage space that lends itself quite handy on the golf course.

And I also find it comforting that this set is available in both right and left-handed versions. It shows how much Wilson seems to care about their customers.It’s little things like this aspect that allows Wilson to be such a dominant force within this marketplace.

But even with its affordability and high-level features, there were two things about this collection that I didn’t like as a potential buyer.

The first being it only comes in standard size, which is a massive issue for golfers taller than 6’ 2”.The second issue is that this collection doesn’t feature a wedge, which means you have to buy one separately.

What We Like
  • Fantastic price for a 12 piece set
  • Peak levels of playing comfort thanks to the high-quality grips
  • The bag has a lot of storage space
  • Eliminates the need for longer irons
  • Comes in both right and left-handed
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in standard size
  • No wedge included in the set
Since the flaws aren’t the end of the world, this golf club set should warrant heavy consideration because of it being a fantastic deal. The features aren’t too shabby either.

5. Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set

This set of Callaway senior golf clubs continues to showcases why buying from this company is always considered a smart move for any golfer. This particular collection has numerous features that I find genuinely intriguing.

The first being that all this set’s significant clubs (driver, 3-wood, etc.) have shafts with a graphite construction, which makes them both lightweight and durable at the same time. This quality lends itself perfect for most senior golfers.

Another aspect any senior golfer is going to love is the top-notch level of comfortability the clubs in this set provide. You see the customer reviews raved about the overall comfort these clubs contributed thanks to the grips, weight, and all the other features being high-quality.

At this point, we shouldn’t expect anything less from Callaway. But the positive features don’t stop there either; this set also includes a mallet putter with a T-style alignment that’ll help make those problematic puts much more manageable as it significantly improves accuracy.

I should also mention that this collection’s bag is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. It’s lightweight, offers significant storage space, comes equipped with a stand, and has a rain hood to protect your clubs during downpours. And all of these fantastic features come at a reasonable price for a 16 piece set.

But there was one issue you should be aware of before you purchase this set: it seems the 3-wood tends to have problems regarding its durability. As a result, you should avoid using it for shots that require a bit more power behind them.
What We Like
  • Great price for a 16 piece set
  • Top-notch carrying bag
  • Major clubs have shafts with a graphite construction
  • Provides peak levels of comfortability
  • The putter comes with a T-style alignment
What We Don’t Like
  • 3-wood has durability issues
When you combine the reasonable price with its great features, it’s hard to see how a person would turn down buying this particular set from Callaway. In more ways than one, it could bring the best out of a senior golfer’s game.

6. Wilson Senior’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set

As one of the best golf club sets for seniors, the Wilson Senior’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set has a myriad of qualities that’ll help improve a senior golfer’s game. The one that stands out the most is the power weighting technology used in constructing the driver.

This technology allows the driver to provide as much as forgiveness as possible while also ensuring the club has a large sweet spot. This more significant sweet spot will lend itself useful in improving the distance on your drives.

I found the soft grips on each club to be another fantastic quality as well consider it always helps when you feel comfortable on the golf course. And according to the customer reviews, these grips provide that feeling as it was an often part of this club’s listed positive features.

Each club having a shaft with a graphite construction is another aspect that appeals specifically to senior golfers. This feature will ensure the club feels lightweight yet durable and provides it with enough flexibility that you don’t have to put extra effort into your swing.

I also love the hybrid club’s design as it makes excellent use of high launch technology, which allows it to get better trajectory on hits than long irons; therefore, you don’t have to rely on those difficult irons anymore.

But even with all these positive qualities, there was one issue that kept coming up within the product reviews.

It seems experienced players didn’t enjoy the graphite shafts as much as beginners did, which should be something you think about before spending money on this set.
What We Like
  • All the clubs have soft grips
  • Each shaft has a graphite construction
  • Lightweight design for every club
  • The driver uses power weighing technology
  • Lightweight bag with double-padded shoulder strap
What We Don’t Like
  • Some experienced golfers didn’t enjoy the graphite shafts
This collection of clubs is another set that would make a fine addition to any senior golfer’s life. You shouldn’t have any issues getting back your previous form with these fantastic clubs.

7. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Our first women club set on this list is the Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set. And like all products from this brand, this collection comes with an assurance of it being filled with top-notch level products.

In this set’s case, I love that it includes a putter with a T-style alignment as it offers precise accuracy on your puts. It’ll make those uncertain times on the green a bit more manageable and stress-free.

The irons/wedges within this set are another feature I find quite appealing as these clubs utilize progressive sole technology, which helps offer better control over your hits. And given my mediocre wedge game, I could use all the help I can get.

Each club having a graphite shaft is another positive that we must not overlook as it provides the club with less weight and more durability. You can also take comfort in the fact this set comes with three head covers, which will help protect your clubs from getting damaged.

Plus, it’s quite affordable for an 11 piece set when you take into account the overall quality of the clubs you’re getting. Callaway even saw fit to throw in a top-level bag as well, which contains a rain hood and a cooler packet for further convenience purposes.

But the inclusion of both the head covers and the bag does leave a significant downside; you’re only getting seven clubs with this purchase. As a result, you’ll have to buy several other clubs separately, or you won’t have a workable set.

And given I despise buying extra necessary parts separately, you can imagine I didn’t enjoy uncovering this aspect of this otherwise perfectly solid 11 piece set.

What We Like
  • Affordable for an 11 piece set
  • The putter with a T-style alignment for top-level accuracy
  • Available for left or right handed golfers
  • Shafts have graphite construction
  • Includes lightweight bag that offers peak convenience
What We Don’t Like
  • The set only includes seven clubs
If it had more than seven clubs, this set would be near the top of my list; therefore, if you don’t mind doing the extra research for buying the other clubs separately, this purchase could end up being a bargain.

8. Majek Lady Full True Hybrid Complete Rescue Set

As one of the best golf clubs for seniors ladies sets, the Majek Lady Full True Hybrid Complete Rescue Set allows you to replace your entire iron set. And since using irons is rather difficult, this collection would be a welcome addition to any senior women golfer’s game.

You see the clubs within this set have a tighter shot dispersion, which will prevent off-center hits from resulting in a disastrous outcome. These clubs also have an aerodynamic design that’ll provide drag reduction and help out in the same regard.

The Senior Flex Velocity Graphite shafts are another feature I found rather intriguing as they should offer you a faster swing speed and better distance on your hits. And it won’t require any extra torque on your swing either, which is always a plus.

I love the black crown and arrow markers these clubs have as well. Both these features make alignment and life on the golf course much easier. They’ll even eliminate glare from emanating from the club itself.

But the best part about these clubs is they can be custom made to fit your particular height; therefore, 6” women won’t have to buy men’s clubs anymore as you can merely have them made to meet your specific needs.

A feature like this one is why Majek appears on our list multiple times even though they aren’t a well-known brand like Callaway or Wilson. Plus, it also helps that all the customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive and filled with praise for this particular set of clubs.

However, even with all these fantastic qualities, there was still one major downside: the price. This collection is easily among the most expensive on this entire list.
What We Like
  • The entire set can be custom made to fit your particular height
  • Velocity graphite shafts
  • Tighter shot dispersion
  • Drag reduction
  • Eliminates the need for your iron set
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive
If you can afford them and they fit your personal preferences, there’s no reason to believe these clubs won’t be worth their expensive cost. I mean, there’s nothing about them that you can consider lackluster.

9. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

Our next product is what I consider the best golf irons for seniors set on the entire market. This set can achieve this status with its use of TaylorMade’s RIBCOR technology, which provides numerous benefits.

For instance, this technology increases the distance and accuracy of your shots through centering face flexibility within the hitting area. In other words, it’ll transfer a bit more energy to the ball than your typical iron.

Pretty cool, right? And this aspect isn’t the only beneficial thing this technology will offer you that I find incredibly appealing. It will also create a rigid structure around the perimeter of the club head, which will amplify the sound and feel.

Ifind it imperative I mention that this technology will also create tighter dispersion through limited toe flexibility. Given all these benefits, its no wonder TaylorMade is a top-end manufacturer of golf clubs as their technology is fantastic.

Plus, these irons also feature shafts that are specifically designed to offer higher launch angles and ball speeds on your shots. And since I need help in both these areas, you can imagine I find value these two aspects profoundly.

These clubs have an ultra-thin leading edge as well, which will elevate the speeds on your low-face shots resulting in better outcomes. Honestly, it seems like TaylorMade didn’t miss a single vital area when creating these fantastic clubs.

But all these excellent features do have one rather large consequence as the price for this set is extraordinarily expensive. This issue becomes a huge bummer for me as these clubs could help my game considerable, but the price is well outside my budget.
What We Like
  • Increase in accuracy, distance, and flexibility
  • Clubs have more forgiveness than other models
  • Provides maximum ball speed and higher launch angles
  • Elevated speeds on low-face shots
  • Enhances sound and feel
What We Don’t Like
  • Unbelievably expensive
If you can afford them, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have already purchased this set as it offers significant benefits that’ll take your game to the next level. But since I can’t spend this much on golf clubs, I’m going have to keep looking.

10. Majek Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

The last product on our list features the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors within today’s marketplace. You see this senior hybrid golf club set has clubs, which all feature extremely forgiving and lightweight senior flex shafts that I love.

It also helps that the club faces are rather thin, which will help put some extra distance on my shots. I should point that these clubs have a low center of gravity, which provides the golfer with the maximum lift on their shots as well.

The aerodynamic design isn’t a bad feature to have either as it’ll reduce the drag and improve the speed of your swing. And since senior golfers tend to suffer in these two particular areas, you can imagine how beneficial this design would be for their golf games.

Plus, the club’s sweet stop is quite substantial and will ensure I don’t hit the ball into out of bounds as much as I do at the moment. Trust me; anything that can improve my accuracy is a win for me because my control of the golf ball is borderline pathetic right now.

The fact that these clubs feature arrow markers and a black crown as well is another quality, which could benefit my game tremendously; it would help with my alignment and reduce the glare coming off the club itself.

But even with all excellent aspects, this set has one fatal flaw that I can’t overcome; it only comes in a right-handed version, which is problematic given I am lefty.
What We Like
  • Graphite constructed shafts
  • Equipped with thin club faces
  • Pro velvet grips
  • Consists of an aerodynamic design
  • Features arrow markers and a black crown
What We Don’t Like
  • Only comes as a righty set
All in all, this hybrid set is a fantastic product that doesn’t fit my particular needs because I born lefty. But if you’re a righty, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least consider getting this set of clubs as everything about them is high-quality.

What is a Pair of Golf Clubs For Seniors


A golf club for seniors is a product that helps seniors keep up with other players on the golf course. You see golf product manufacturers noticed that most of their consumers were of the senior variety and didn’t want to lose their customer base because of discouragement.

You see it becomes harder for them to maintain the same level of play that they had during their younger days.And if they can’t play at the best of their ability, some might feel like there’s no point in playing.

As a result, senior clubs started being created and let seniors keep up their level of play well into their later years. In fact, these clubs have helped many grandfathers outplay their grandsons during trips out to the golf course.

Overall, the simple answer to this question is a senior golf club has certain design aspects that’ll help a senior player return to his best form on the course. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about giving up the game because you don’t feel like you have it anymore.

Benefits of Using Golf Clubs for Seniors


Before we dive into the benefits, you first must understand what these clubs try to overcome. Let’s be honest; there are particular challenges seniors face when playing golf that they didn’t have to deal with in the past:

  • Less height on their shots: Many senior golfers experience issues getting the ball high in the air due to their swings experiencing a decrease in flexibility, power, and follow-through.
  • Slower swinging speeds: Aging takes a toll on our ability to swing a golf club; therefore, our swing speed suffers dramatically.
  • Decreased accuracy: Senior golfers tend to have issues with shooting accurate shots with heavier clubs such as drivers. This problem comes from their overall fitness not being what it was at an earlier age.

And the primary goal of senior clubs is to help seniors overcome these challenges with certain aspects that’ll help regain the level of play they experienced in their younger days. The difference between these products and regular clubs comes down to four design features:

  • More prominent sweet spots:Senior clubs contain bigger sweet spots, which reduces the chances of slicing the ball into woods. In other words, it’s a design aspect that increases the accuracy of your shots.
  • Lighter design:These products consist of lighter material, which makes swinging them much easier than with regular clubs. As a result, it gives seniors some speed back on their swings.
  • Graphite shafts: This graphite material makes the shaft more flexible, which is useful in increasing both shot distance and the speed of your swing.
  • Higher lofts: Senior clubs also have higher lofts than regular golf clubs. This detail allows you to make up for the loss of height on your shots.

In the end, these little design aspects will help you regain your former glory on the golf course. These products will also ensure you keep out playing your younger family members for years to come.

With all this in mind, it becomes clear that getting a high-quality set of senior golf clubs is a necessary purchase. After all, there’s no reason to let something like getting older affect the game that you’ve grown up loving.

Senior Golf Club Buying Guide


When looking for the best senior golf clubs, there are several factors you must consider. And in this section, we’ll discuss them at length to ensure you get the perfect ones for your situation. But before we do this I must ask you do to one thing: figure out the areas where you think your game has declined the most.

Understanding the areas where your game has diminished is critical in finding the perfect set of clubs. It’ll let you pick the clubs that aid those areas the most, and it’ll also limit the number of options you have to choose from as a potential buyer.

Now that you’ve thought about the answer, it’s time we discuss the specific factors that might end up affecting your decision.

Loft Angle

If you’re having issues hitting the ball high enough, you should consider the club head’s loft angle. You see the higher this angle tends to be, the higher your ball will fly in the air. I recommend getting one with a loft angle of 10 to 15 degrees.

It should provide you with improvements you’re looking for in your ball’s flight trajectory. It’ll also ensure you won’t need any extra effort on the swing to achieve your desired results; therefore, it’ll save from pulling a back muscle from swinging too hard.

Shaft Weight

When searching for the perfect senior club, you want the overall weight of the shaft to be quite low. In most cases, you don’t want the shaft weight to be anything more than 60 grams and ideally closer to 50.

But this aspect isn’t the only essential part of your decision regarding the club’s weight. You must take into account the weight distribution as well because it can impact your game massively. The ideal situation will be a club that pushes the weight toward the handle.

In doing so, it’ll give you better control over your shot’s accuracy. But you don’t want the handle to weight too much, or it could mess up your swing balance. You should also ensure the club’s head is light as well.

If you’re having issues determine whether or not a club is useful in this regard, I’d recommend taking a gander at the customer reviews. After all, golfers who think their swings are being messed up by lousy clubs can get quite angry.

And this anger can help you determine whether or not the club’s weight was effective in helping other senior golfers return to their peak form.

Shaft Flexibility

Before making a final decision about a club, you should examine the shaft and make sure it’s made from appropriate materials. The ideal senior club shaft will consist of a material that’s graphite or similar to it.

Graphite shafts are a bit more sturdy and flexible, but they’re also rather light. As a result, swinging the club won’t end up putting such a toll on your back. If you’re still a little confused, all you have to do is search for senior flex rated clubs as these products are typically what you’ll need.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself more flexible than your average senior, you might opt for a shaft that has less flexibility. In this case, you’ll want to go with an R Flex shaft as it offers you bit more consistency.

And finally, if you consider your flexibility below average, you should consider getting a shaft that’s rated as L Flex (ladies flex). These products are the most flexible ones on the market and could do wonders for a person in this situation.

Shaft Length

Another area to consider is the shaft length, which should hover around an inch longer than your typical shaft. This extra inch will provide fantastic results in practically every aspect of your game: power, swing width, and speed.

But we should mention the extra inch might cause you some slippage in the accuracy of your shot; however, given the improvements in the other parts of your game, I doubt this issue will matter too much on the golf course.

Plus, it’ll offer all these benefits without making you put any extra effort into your swing; therefore, you’re keeping your back healthy as well. So please, do yourself a favor and get a shaft with an extra inch: you won’t regret it.

Club Head and Face Design

You should look for a club with a bit more forgiveness in your club’s head and face. This quality means looking for clubs with a more prominent face, which will result in a larger sweet spot. It’ll help compensate for a senior’s loss in both accuracy and swing speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like with any FAQs section, this part of the article will try to answer any remaining questions you have about these products. And we hope that from these answers you gain some perspective about what you want regarding your senior golf club needs.

What are the top senior golf club brands?

Regardless of the marketplace, some brands stand out a bit more than the other manufacturers. And not surprisingly, the senior golf club industry is no different as several excellent companies are making these products.

In fact, all the brands showcased in our product review section are among the elite within this marketplace. But even among this select few, two brands stick out bit more than the others: Callaway and Wilson.

And within this section, I’ll offer you some background information on both of these companies to give you an idea about what makes them such stellar brands.


Callaway has cultivated such a strong reputation among golfers with its sheer force of will. It all started with their “relentless commitment to be[ing] the best.” But their rise to the top of the marketplace comes from their ability “to resist following and insist on leading.”

In other words, Callaway is never satisfied with their outstanding results. They’re instead always trying to better their product and provide their customers with the best golfing experience possible.


Given their willingness to strive for the greatest product possible, it’s no surprising Wilson is such a force in the golf club industry. After all, it’s hard not to see why they’re successful when they have a mission statement like this “At Wilson, we talk to athletes. We listen to them. Then, we challenge the status quo to create the equipment they need to be their best. We are on a mission: To ignite the true potential in every athlete.”

In the end, I’d feel incredibly confident buying from either of these two brands. Honestly, this confidence would extend to any of the companies within our product review section, but these two manufacturers do it a tad bit better.

What is the difference between regular & senior golf clubs?

The terms senior and regular refers to the club’s shaft flex rating (senior flex and regular flex). It’s a phrase that used to measure flexibility and as a measuring stick for different types of golfers. You see the labels senior and regular don’t refer to age like many people assume they do.

They instead reflect swing-speed measurements. For instance, a senior golf club is meant for golfers that have a swing speed ranging from 75 mph to 90 mph and can drive the ball 180 to 200 yards.

Meanwhile, a regular golf club is meant for golfers that have swing speed ranging from 90 to 100 mph and can drive a ball 200 to 240 yards. As a result, these clubs received their names due to seniors having slower swing speeds than younger golfers; hence, why their clubs have more flexible shafts.

What is the difference between men and women’s golf clubs for seniors?

Both men and women’s golf clubs are made with similar technology; but lady clubs tend to be more flexible, lighter, and shorter. These aspects account for women typically having a slower swing speed and smaller size; therefore, allow women to get the most out of their clubs.

Another area where women clubs differ is the club head. On women clubs, the club head will often be more significant and lighter than you’d see on men’s clubs. This feature offers a more substantial impact area, which provides more forgiving contact.

We should mention that women’s golf clubs have a different color to them as well. Women’s’ grips or shafts will generally come in pastels.

Do you need senior shaft flex?

Whether or not you’ll need a senior shaft flex will ultimately depend on your the speed of your swing. For instance, if your driver swing speed is between 70 mph and 85 mph,this type of club would be the best option.

On the other hand, if your swing speed is higher than 85 mph, you’ll want a club with a stiffer shaft for the best performance. Players with below 70 mph swing speeds should look into getting a club with a ladies shaft.

In other words, it has nothing to do with your age or gender like the name of the shaft might convey. It instead has to do with the flexibility and the speed of your swing; therefore, it’s essential to know, which one would benefit your game the most

Which loft angle should you choose?

If you want an answer to this question, the first thing you must do is find out your swing speed. And thankfully, the process of finding this essential bit of information isn’t too complicated. In fact, it consists of four easy steps:

  • Step 1:Drive ten balls at the nearest golf course or driving range. Measure the distance the ball travels in the air before it hits the ground using yards. Ensure you don’t count the ball’s rolling distance. You might need a friend to help you get an accurate measurement.
  • Step 2:Remove the longest and shortest drives from the data. In doing so, you’re removing any effect an outlier might have on the overall measurement.
  • Step 3:Average the remaining drives by adding them together and diving the total by eight.
  • Step 4: Take the average and divide it by 2.3, which will provide you with your average club swing speed in mph. For example, if your average drive distance was 220, your club swing speed will be 95.6 mph.

Once you’ve determined your swing speed, you can quickly decide what loft angle is best for your driver. You see if your swing speed is above 100 mph, you should have a loft angle ranging from 9 to 11 degrees.

If you’ve found that your swing speed is less than a 100 mph, you should add one or two degrees for every ten mph its under 100 mph. For instance, a person with an 80 mph or 90 mph swing speed, should look for a driver with a loft angle ranging from 11 to 13 degrees.

On the other hand, if you have a swing speed between 60 mph and 70 mph, you should look for a driver with a loft angle of 13 to 15 degrees.

How to increase your swing speed?

If you think your swing speed has become lackluster, there are a couple of ways you can regain your previous form.

Method 1: Using a Weighted Club

The first thing you must understand is that merely swinging harder won’t get the results you want. You see when an average player like myself tries to swing harder, it’ll often result in a mechanics breakdown and end up decreasing swing speed.

A solution that typically works is swinging a weighted club. But when you do swing a weighted club, it’s essential you hold it steady in two vital positions: at the top of your swing when you’re making a full shoulder turn and then halfway down your swing as you keep your toe up and shaft parallel to your target.

From there, go back to the top of your swing. This process will provide you with more balance, particularly within your right leg. And when you go use your usual clubs, you’ll be able to swing them with more clubhead speed.

If this process doesn’t give you the desired results, there’s another method you can try. This one will focus on the idea of removing tension from your swing, which will help increase clubhead speed.

Method 2: Baseball Drill

All you have to do is swing a club on a horizontal plane without a ball. In doing so, you’re forcing yourself to control the club by swinging your hands and arms calmly as your shoulders react. It’ll give a sense of the club and your forearms natural rotation, which will create more swing speed.

Both of these methods have been proven to increase the swing speed of many struggling golfers. So, if you’re having issues with it, do yourself a favor and try these techniques out; after all, there’s no way either one could end up hurting your game.


Since you now have all this vital information about golf clubs, finding the best senior golf clubs for you should be a relative breeze. All you have to do is take into account the factors we went over in this article, and the number of options should dwindle to a more manageable figure.

And once you do get this perfect set of senior clubs, you should have no issues regaining your best form on the golf course. In fact, you might even find out a set from our product review section is the one that’ll bring you back to your former glory.

But no matter the clubs you end up getting, we hope this article helped make your buying experience less frustrating. And if you have any questions that didn’t get answered within this article, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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