How to Choose Golf Shafts for Seniors?

How to Choose Golf Shafts for Seniors

Unlike many games, golf is a game that requires the weapon to be as sharp as the skill of the player, the weapon being a golf club. A typical seasoned golfer has a variety of golf clubs set in his pack according to the shot that he is required to put through.

However, for the senior golfers, there are certain factors that they should consider in order to perform well during their game. For instance, their golf shafts. This is because the swing and the power are the two main criteria needed when choosing a golf club, and the shaft is considered as the driving engine of the golf club. So, let us have a look at how to choose golf shaft for seniors.

Why is the Golf Shaft Essential?

Why does a golf shaft need to be given so much importance? It is because a right shaft can make or break the game for you. Let us have a look at what all factors do we need to see when choosing the right golf shaft –

  • Length of the shaft
  • The shaft flexibility – the degree to which it bends during a swing
  • The weight of the shaft
  • Alignment of the shaft according to the hitting point
  • Kick-point and its weight and position with respect to the shaft

Types of Golf Shafts

Shafts can be made of different materials which can affect all the above-mentioned factors in the game. A few common shafts are:

Steel Shafts – Made from either carbon steel or stainless steel, steel shafts are stronger and more durable than the cheaper version of graphite shafts. Steel shafts have better accuracy and control when compared to their counterparts. But, they require an excessive amount of force to consider them for long shots. There are two types of steel shafts available in the market:

  • Stepped Steel Shafts – Used in the majority of the shafts by the manufacturers, this type of golf shaft has a wider butt which narrows down gradually to the tip that goes in the end into the hosel of the club head. It is made from a rolled piece of tube and mechanically drawn until the required thickness is achieved.
  • Rifle Steel Shafts – This shaft features a smooth drawn down design when compared to the step rolls of the stepped steel shafts. The manufacturers claim that a rifle steel shaft provides greater accuracy because of its design that conserves the energy throughout the shaft.

Graphite Shafts – These shafts provide a greater degree of power in the swing of the club at the expense of the accuracy due to the flex generated while swinging it. The lighter weight makes it less durable but more expensive than the steel shafts. Used by senior players who are making a recovery after an injury, a graphite shaft is a great addition to the nag of any professional player.

Multi-Material Shafts – This kind of shaft uses both steel and graphite materials to combine their powers into making one ultimate club. Typically, a graphite tip is added to the steel shaft to add more control and power to the golfer.

Titanium Shafts – A material that is lighter than steel, it is relatively new in the market and has the same features as a steel shaft. The only benefit it has is that it is lighter and it reduces vibrations compared to its counterparts.

Nanofuse Shafts – Created by fusing a nanocrystalline alloy with a carbon fibre composite polymer, manufacturers claim that this shaft provides the best of both the steel and graphite shafts, without any downsides of either.

How to Choose Golf Shafts for Seniors?

Now that we are now aware of the available shafts in the market and their characteristic features, it is much easier for senior players to select the ideal shaft for them. These are the factors that senior golfers should consider when picking the golf shafts:

  • Shaft Flex – The flex provided in any of the given shafts affects the distance and direction of the golf ball. No matter what the material, a given golf shaft will always exhibit some amount of flex during a swing. For a senior player, one should go with a shaft labelled as Senior(S) while selecting a shaft.
  • Shaft Torque – Gives information about the twisting or turning characteristics of a shaft during the swing taken by a golfer. Measures on the turn with degrees, the higher the rating it has, the more it will turn during a gold swing. This directly affects the ball trajectory, with higher torque meaning longer trajectory and vice-versa.
  • Shaft-kick Point – Also called as the flex point, this helps in giving a good feel of the shaft while making a swing. It affects the trajectory of the shot.
  • Weight and alignment – The weight will affect the power required to swing the club while the alignment will help in the trajectory of the shot. Both should be considered wisely before making a choice in a game. Seniors can choose their preferred weight and alignment but a lighter one is encouraged.


There are no particular rules when picking the ideal golf shaft for seniors. Though there are features that seniors can benefit from, it’s still their preference that wins over at the end of the day.