Golf Instructions for Seniors

Golf Instructions for Seniors

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. But as gamers get old, some of their golf skills suffer. Senior golfers begin to feel a drop in their physical and mental ability to play golf. Despite these hindrances, golfers can, however, enjoy golf games. Here are the basic golf instructions for seniors that can help senior golfers get back on their feet and tee the ball up in the fairway.

Reasons Why Your Game Changes As You Get Old

Regardless of age, golf is a sport that can be played by anyone. But senior golfers are confronted with the reality that as they age, their game changes. Here are the reasons why your game changes as you get old.

Weaker Vision

As we age, our vision changes – it becomes weak. Having an excellent hand and eye coordination is essential in playing golf. An imbalance between the two could lead to a bad stroke.

Less Strength

Lesser strength means lesser ability to withstand the forces that are within the golf swing. Having enough strength means better and more golf swings.

Less Flexibility

Flexibility is important to maintain the proper posture for a perfect swing. As golfers age, lesser flexibility limits shoulder turns that can affect follow troughs.

How Can Seniors Adapt to Swing Changes?

The three main reasons why your game changes as you get old are problems that are expected to arise; it doesn’t mean, though, that you cannot do anything about it. Here are some exercises to help you adapt to the changes in your swing.

Create a warm-up exercise routine

Doing warm-up exercises before the course can help your body loosen up before the game. Here are some warm-up exercises you can try:

  • Walking

Walk around the course or on a treadmill. Walking will help improve your blood circulation.

  • Stretching

It is recommended that senior golfers should create a stretching routine. Stretching is also a great way to loosen up your muscles. Stretching also helps senior golfers become more flexible, which can help you in achieving the perfect swing. Stretching also lessens the possibility of an injury.

Warm up at the course

Hitting putts before the game can give you a feel of the real game. Warm up slowly and then start hitting the balls.

Exercise at home

Do not forget to exercise even if you are at home. Exercise is a healthy habit for people of all ages. Some of the recommended exercises are:

  • Hamstring exercises
  • Shoulder exercises
  • Core exercises
  • Arms and wrist exercises
  • Yoga
  • Resistance Training

How to Change Your Swing?

Golf instructions for seniors will also help you shift to a swing that is fitting to the changes in your game. Here are some steps you can take to change your swing:

  • Exert less strength

Shift to a wider stance and putting your right foot forward will help you turn with ease. This position will also help you make a full shoulder turn to get a full swing.

  • Strengthen your grip

A good grip strength means you will be able to handle the golf club at any given swing speed. Strengthening your grip will allow you to produce more overspins.

  • Make your swing short

Try to shorten your swing for an abbreviated finish. An abbreviated finish will be easier for your low back around the finish.

  • Consider the “No” backswing method

When you are at the correct position, pump the club up and swing down.

  • Change your equipment

Do not use equipment that will make your game harder. Buy high-quality equipment that will help you enhance your weaknesses in the game. Try woods and hybrid equipment; these will help you get a better swing.

  • Try a longer putter

Switching to a longer putter is recommended to those who have lower back pains. Longer putters can also help cure the yips that golf players encounter.

How to Enjoy Golf as a Senior?

In every sport, it is important to have fun and enjoy the game. As aging comes, you will realize that it’s not the winning but being a part of the game that counts. Enjoy golf as a senior in these ways:

  1. Look for a tee that will give you realistic shots. Do not force yourself to hot the greens all day. Remember, you no longer have the endurance to last for the entire day.
  2. Do not hesitate to tee the ball up in the fairway. Aim for a fun game, do not pressure yourself to hit from a hard lying fairway.


These golf instructions for seniors are your guide to keep playing the game. Whether you are playing with your family or golf buddies, it is important to enjoy your time with them. Do not worry about playing your best at golf every time you are in the course, but appreciate the things that matter most.