Four Helpful Golf Warm-Up Exercises for Seniors

golf warm up exercises for seniors

Professional and athletic golfers have a simple trick before flying out those golf balls: it’s to warm-up their limbs before every match. When you play golf, you need your body to be in your most optimal state. Your upper body should be able to reach its fullest range-of-motion.

Golf warm-up exercises for seniors are imperative. This is because elderlies are very prone to hip, shoulder, back injuries, or fractures. When they overstretch their bodies, they’re highly susceptible in injuring their bones, muscles, and joints. That’s why they need to at least follow the suggested four helpful golf warm-up exercises for seniors below:

Exercises for the Elderlies

The exercises listed below are widely used in the elderly age group. They target the needed flexibility, spinal stability, and strength needed for golfers. However, the most important aspect of these exercises is injury prevention. In golf, you need to apply calculated arm strength and flexibility when you swing that club. In that case, those who did not have a warm-up prior to swinging will risk spraining their upper bodies. And, for golfers belonging in the elderly age group, it is highly necessary.

Do take note that warm-ups are meant to be started at a slow pace. Very rigorous paces might do more harm than good. It is also important to take your time. Doing sets of warm-ups within 15 minutes is the most recommended time frame. These are four helpful golf warm-up exercises for seniors:

Circular motion for your arms

Targets: flexibility for your shoulder joints and arm

  • First, straighten your right arm in front of you.
  • Slowly rotate it towards the back in a windmill motion until you reach a full circle
  • When you feel more comfortable in quickening your pace, speed up your rotations
  • Repeat this step 20 times
  • Next, lower down your right arm and let it rest on your side
  • Switch now to your left arm and do the same instructions for the right arm
  • Let your left arm relax for at least a minute before starting on the next step
  • Finally, rotate both of your arms in a circular motion and repeat 20 times

Resisted Rotations while Sitting on a Chair

Targets: allows you to maximize your spinal flexibility

This exercise cannot be done without a chair. It is much easier to perform while sitting on a bench or a simple chair. When people reach elderly statuses, their spinal motion gradually deteriorates. This, in turn, is disadvantageous for golfers seeing that it drastically reduces swinging power.

  • First, you need to sit on a chair with or without armrests. If you are able to, tie an exercise band on a doorknob adjacent to the chair. This allows you to maximize your exercise routine
  • Keep your back and arms straight
  • Next, slowly twist only your hips until you are facing the right side
  • If you need assistance, you can use the armrests or the exercise band
  • After that, twist your hips until you are facing the left side
  • Repeat this exercise 15 times and remember to alternate sides.

Lower Body Exercises

Targets: Improve balance and to strengthen lower body mobility

Now, let’s not forget about the lower part of the body. Even if the upper body is the most useful during golf, it is also important to maintain functional balance through your legs.

The warm-ups for your lower body include a variety of short set exercises.

  • First, slowly stand on the tip of your toes to stretch your calves. This helps in circulating blood to the upper parts of your body. Try to stand on your toes for at least 30 seconds and repeat thrice
  • Next, gently bounce on your feet and repeat this for 5 times
  • Then extend your right knee at a 45˚ angle in front of you and point your toes. Keep this position for 5 seconds or more if you can maintain it.

Mock Golf Swings

Targets: allows you to actually practice your swings and maximize your range of motion in preparation for an actual game

This exercise should be done after performing other warm-up exercises. Or, if you lack time, this can be a last minute exercise for you to stretch your limbs. However, it is much better to be done after all other stretching exercises. This kind of golf warm-up exercises for seniors prevents bodily injuries that might occur during a game.

  • Ready your golf club and place your golf tees in your desired place.
  • Hold your golf club firmly and position yourself in preparation for an actual swing
  • Slowly swing your arms and twist your shoulder as though you’re swinging an imaginary golf ball
  • Remember to do this slowly at first, then gradually increase your pace. This way, you can actually prevent straining or spraining your muscles.


These four helpful golf warm-up exercises for seniors should not be overlooked. They are a great help in preventing future strains on their bodies. However, please do remember to do these exercises in your own pace and capability. Do not force yourself to try these if you can’t. Opt for an easier method instead if you find these exercises beyond your abilities and always consult your personal trainer or GP for their approval.