The 7 Best Golf Exercises for Seniors

Best Golf Exercises for Seniors

Golf is ballistic. It involves sudden exertion movements with most players’ swinging one side of their body, which often results in injuries and muscle imbalances. Therefore, it is a physically demanding sport which requires the players to maintain specific physical traits such as body balance, flexibility, endurance, strength, and power to perform. The physical characteristics that the game demands have no exception for seniors. Below are the best golf exercises for seniors:

Torso Rotation Exercise

Get a chair and sit on it with an upright posture. Keep your spine straight. It is an easy exercise which is free of any risks. Rotate your upper body towards the right while maintaining the position of your hips.

You should not overly strain your body during the exercise. However, for best results, turn to a 90-degree angle. After a successful rotation to the right side, resume your normal position. Now, turn your upper body towards the left.

Repeat the exercise ten times. Expect to experience a slight muscle pull in your back and torso muscles.

Swing Exercise

The swing exercise helps you exercise club swing muscles. Position yourself in the proper stance and ignore the gap between the feet. The practice needs your stance to be somewhat inaccurate.

Now, perform your standard drive. While practicing, ensure you have all the muscles under control. Repeat the activity ten times. The exercise involves all significant muscles involved in swinging.

Standing YS

This exercise improves your shoulder mobility and counteracts the adverse effects of sitting. To perform the exercise, stand with your back straight and chest up. Stand in a posture similar to the one you have while doing a deadlift.

Hold your golf club with palms facing up. Pull back your shoulder blades and then raise your arms. Ensure your arms get over your head and form a Y shape. Return to the start position. That counts as one rep.

For best results, initiate the movement using your shoulder blades instead of your arms.

Side-Lying Leg-Circles

This is among the top 7 golf exercises for seniors. The exercise focuses on the hips. As we age, our hips and joints get affected more than other body parts, yet the hips play a significant role in the game.

To strengthen your hips, do this exercise. Position yourself on the floor and turn to one side. Position the supporting arm on your head. Ensure your lower legs are straight and aligned with your body.

Now, gently raise the leg at the top a few inches high. Do so without altering your pelvic position. While the leg is in the air, draw small circles. We recommend you start with as little as five circles if you are new to the exercise.

Hand Walks

These exercises prevent one from getting a golfer’s elbow. They also minimize the risk of suffering from a shoulder injury. To start the training, you need to be standing. Now, bend forward. At the waistline, place your hands on the ground to be on all fours.

Walk your hands to assume a pushup position. Keep your knees straight and try walking your toes to the direction of your hands. When you begin to feel a stretch, resume the initial position and repeat. You can do ten reps.

Leg Back Extend and Flex

For excellent golf skills, you need strong quadriceps that will work together with your ankles to bear your body weight as you walk and stand. Thus, it is essential to stretch the quadriceps muscles and keep them loose.

To perform this exercise, stand upright. Keep both feet firm on the ground. We suggest you get a robust inanimate object and place it right in front of you to serve as additional support.

After assuming the position above, bend the left knee. Now, raise your foot till it slightly touches your buttock. Maintain the position for 15 seconds and then revert to initial position. Now, repeat the same exercise with your right leg.

Windshield Wiper Exercise

You can find golf carts in most courses. Long hours spent walking and standing may strain the ankles. To ensure your ankles remain flexible and reduce pain on them, you need to do windshield wiper exercises.

Get a chair and sit tight on it with your feet firm on the ground. Now, similar to a bar windshield, move the arch with your heel still pinned down and move the toes of your feet to the right. Return to the original position and move your feet to the left.

The routine helps loosen up the ligaments and muscles of the ankle region.


Golf is a favorite sport among seniors and is an ideal way to spend time with friends and family. However, most seniors experience issues with their shoulders, ankles, and back, which make it impossible to complete one round without fatigue. With our list of the best golf exercises for seniors, you can enjoy increased flexibility and strength.