How to Clean Golf Irons?

How to Clean Golf Irons

After a long game of golf where you’re swinging on the dirt and hitting the grass, you can bet that your golf clubs are going to be really dirty. The pro golfers will always tell you that you have to clean your golf irons right after each game; otherwise, they’ll wear out faster. So how exactly do you clean golf irons?

We have a short guide below on how to clean golf irons simply and effectively.

1. Mix Some Soap and Water

The first thing that you have to do is mix some soap and water in a bucket. So get a bucket and fill it with warm water to the point that it can cover the head of your clubs. From there, add some soap and make the solution bubbly. You can use dish soap for this. Take note that you should never use hot water; otherwise, you might ruin the club.

2. Soak the Club Heads

The next step is to get out your clubs and soak the heads in the water. Leave them there for around 5 minutes until the water becomes a bit blacker. If ever your irons are dirtier than usual, then you can try to soak them for 10 minutes instead. Take note that the ferrules (located right above the club head attaching it to the shaft) should not touch the water.

3. Scrub the Grooves

Now, even if you soak the club head, you’ll notice that there will still be a lot of dirt inside the grooves of the head. Soaking them won’t be able to get them out no matter how long you leave them in the water. For this case, you will need to scrub them out. The best way to do this would be to use a soft bristle brush.

We don’t recommend that you use hard bristle brushes because they aren’t flexible enough to properly reach into the grooves. So get out your soft bristle brush (you can use a toothbrush or a vegetable brush for this process) and start scrubbing the inside of the grooves. If you happen to see any type of rust on the club, use some steel wool to scrub them out first.

4. Rinse Out Extra Dirt

If there is still extra dirt inside the grooves that can’t be gotten out by mere scrubbing, scrub the grooves while under running water. This usually forces the dirt out while you also try to force them out. Once all of the dirt has been taken out, thoroughly rinse your club head under the running water.

5.Dry the Club Head

This is a very important step in maintenance of your club head because if you don’t dry it well, your club head will rust. So after you’ve rinsed your club head thoroughly, get a dry towel and dry the club head properly. After that, leave your club out in the open to fully dry. From there, you can keep it in your golf club bag.

Those are some tips on cleaning golf irons effectively. As long as you’re diligent with cleaning, you can always maintain them well. Now, while we’re already on the subject, we might as well discuss some other tips on maintaining the other parts of your golf club. The other two parts that you need to maintain are the shaft and grip. Here’s how to do that:

Maintaining the Shaft

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe steel shafts
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the graphite shafts
  • Wax graphite shafts with furniture wax
  • Check for dents and damage on the shaft, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace it

Maintaining the Grips

  • Use the soap and water that was mixed just now to wet the grips
  • Use a brush to scrub the grips
  • Use sandpaper to sand the grips if they’re starting to wear out
  • Check the grips for cracks, so you’ll know when to replace or repair them

We recommend that you do maintenance for your grips at least once a month because the grips would usually wear out first. You just have either scrub them or soak them in warm water with dish soap. If they wear out, then you can use sandpaper to sand out the worn out parts and clean the grips after.


Maintaining the irons of your golf club is extremely important because worn out irons will definitely affect your game. As mentioned above, you need to clean the irons after every game; otherwise, they won’t work too well anymore.

The other parts also need cleaning, but they don’t need cleaning that often as compared to the irons. The shaft can be cleaned once a month and so do the grips. You just really need to make sure you know how to clean golf irons so that you can perform at your best in every game.